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QR codes – love ’em or hate ’em?

I have to say I’d completely fallen out of love with the slightly intimidating, pathetic little squares before the outbreak. Overuse, lack of imagination in their application and the fact that (up until recently) most people didn’t have a QR reader on their phone just made me feel really kind of ‘meh’ about them.

Until now!

Thank you Covid! You’ve give those ugly little squares a whole new purpose in life!

Now our phone cameras can detect you so we don’t need to download another app and just a quick point in your direction opens up a world of information without touching dirty, germy, potentially virus-laden surfaces!

We can open up menus, complete forms, and find out information without compromising our own hygienic worlds that we’ve created!

As a result of the outbreak, more people are using them than ever and getting used to seeing them in businesses so here are a few of ideas to take advantage of them in all their touch-free glory:

1. Have premises? Pop them on your window or door so customers can open your website, see your product offering, find your opening times, check your covid-policy, see how your processes have changed, book an appointment or delivery or sign up to a mailing list.

2. Add them to your leaflets and take customers to a web form to subscribe to your newsletter or get a discount code off their first purchase.

3. Put them on your paper menus so customers can download and save them to their phones where they’ll never get lost. Great if you deliver.

4. Have an app? Use the QR code to get more downloads from people who have sought you out.

5. Supporting a charity or fundraising yourself? QR codes are a great way to get people to your donation page quickly and easily!

There are lots of ways you can fit them into your marketing. Just ask yourself this:

“If I can’t talk to a customer because I’m not with them when they see my brand/logo/advert/leaflet/shop/offices/van – what is one single action they could take that would benefit my business?”

Use the QR code to take them one step closer to completing that action.

Our suggested QR Code Generation tools:

If you just want simple and free try this one.

If you’re getting fancy, add colour and logos this one is for you.

Using them all the time? Add one to your Chrome browser here.

If you want more ideas and to understand how it fits in to your marketing plans, we’re happy to help. Just drop us a Whatsapp , email, book an appointment! or call!


Got a project in mind? Contact us today and see if we can help!