Marketing Management

We offer clarity, strategy and organisation in your marketing. We do the research, the planning and the legwork leaving you time to run the business without the need to speak to multiple sales reps or the administrative burden of booking and scheduling adverts. Through regular reporting and feedback, you stay in control of budgets and we do the rest.

 We work with both businesses who have a marketing resource and assist with their design and media buying requirements, and also businesses who have no internal marketing team or experience at all, taking on every marketing project and function from idea to implementation, and measurement and refinement.


Your MediaQuest Marketing Manager is your dedicated point of contact for all things advertising and marketing. They share your goals of driving profitability and growth.
They will work with you in whichever way suits you best, meeting you on regular basis to discuss new ideas, review campaign performance, refine, improve, and make plans for the future.


When you employ MediaQuest as your business’s agency, you have all the key marketing skills instantly at your fingertips. The many talents and techniques required to create great marketing campaigns are pulled together in one team to create a single collaborative solution.

You have one point of contact for all your marketing requirements no matter how diverse or complex.

We work with you in whichever way suits you best; meeting you on regular basis to discuss new ideas, review previous campaigns, and make plans for the future. But more importantly, we work completely independently of the media. This means that every recommendation for your business is made by someone who:

Knows your business objectives

Is protecting your bottom line

Isn’t targeted to ‘sell’ to as many businesses as possible

Has full market access to all media providers and some of the best rates in the business

Has experience of what does and doesn’t work for your industry

Understands the demands and pressures and their impact on your business

We are your one stop shop for all your marketing requirements. We research, plan, compare, source, negotiate, create, book, design, analyse, measure and buy on your behalf without you having to speak to deal with anyone else.

The role of our Marketing Managers is threefold: To protect your time, your money and your brand.

Don’t hire a Marketing Manager – hire an entire Marketing Team, at a fraction of the cost.


Our team are on hand and happy to discuss ideas or assist in any way we can.