We have to ask…are you ready for a Tier 2 or Tier 3 Lockdown?

Okay, so we are still all traumatised from the last lockdown. Who wouldn’t be? The thought of it happening again is almost unbearable.

But as hideous, and as painful as this thought might be, it does need to be thunk!

It isn’t impossible that our local areas may go into a Tier 2 lockdown between now and Christmas, and with some calls for a national lockdown, Tier 3 isn’t outside the realm of possibility either.

Whether you think it’s right or wrong isn’t the issue here. It’s whether or not your business is prepared.

Given all that we know, all that we learned and how well we have coped, it’d be slightly embarrassing to be caught napping this time around, don’t you think?

Getting this sorted out now lets your team know that you’re ahead of the game, in control and all over it like cheese on pizza.

It let’s your customers know that you’re running the show. It communicates clear information, removes confusion and spells out how you are still able to deliver a product or service.

Here’s a quick checklist to run through to make sure that if BoJo makes the unwelcome announcement any time soon, you’re ready to go…

1. Draft two emails, one for Tier 2 and one for Tier 3, explaining how you can be contacted, when and if you are still open, how customers can communicate with you and what you will be doing to keep staff and customers safe. Have this ready to go to your database as soon as an announcement is made. This can also be communicated via text message for an even quicker and urgent delivery.

2. Check the copy, make any amends necessary and save both versions as text that can be posted to a page on your website that can be clearly accessed from your homepage. When you update the page – add the date you updated it so customers can see it’s timely and relevant. When you post this check your opening times on the website are also accurate.

3. Chop this down further (like a lot lot lot further) and save it as a draft social media posts with a clear image with text (Covid-19 Update November for example), so that if customers scroll through your feed to find out if and how you are are still open, they can find the post easily.

4. Use this information to update your Google My Business (GMB) page IMMEDIATELY! The internet is the first place customers will go for info and at the very least you can tell them if you’re open or not and at what times. There is also a Covid-19 Update section (we’d like to think you all already know that though right?) where you can detail any information that customers need to know.

5. Retailers with premises – pop a sign on your door saying Covid-19 Update with a QR Code and ‘Scan to see our latest information’ so that when people pass by out of opening hours, they can see very quickly what you’re doing to adapt to new rules.

There are lots other things you can do of course, but these are the basics that every business can do now, to make sure you’re not left behind.

We’ve all adapted really well so we’re confident next time round (if there is a next time) that it will be easier, although no less unwelcome. If you want a hand getting this stuff nailed, drop us a line.

We’re putting communication packs together for our clients that will be deployed in the relevant scenarios so if you’d like a hand with your Email, SMS, Social Media Management, Websites, QR Codes, Signage or anything else, just drop us a Whatsapp , email, book an appointment! or call!