Time Management and Marketing
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We all know that time management is important in business. As a business owner, you have stuff that needs to get done right? And there are so many tools and apps out there to help you, not to mention a dizzying choice of planners, journals and time-management systems.

Time Management is big business these days.

We’re constantly being told we can do more, achieve more, get more stuff done, 10X our productivity…you’ve heard it all before.

When you’re managing your time well you can feel it can’t you? In control, ‘on it’, you’re ticking all the boxes and winning at life. It’s not just work performance that feels better, you feel better in general don’t you?

So it’s no surprise that a recent meta-analysis by PLOS One has found that time management has a big impact on wellbeing.


We don’t often think about time management outside of work and business, but the study shows that actually time management has a 72% greater impact on ‘Life Satisfaction’ than work performance.

If you’re running your own business then your life satisfaction is tied up with work performance isn’t it, each affects the other immensely, so this shouldn’t really be a surprise to those of us who have been running a business for a while now.

One of the main reasons for poor time management is simply taking on too much. If you’re the Managing Director, Finance Director, Marketing Director, and active staff member, it can all feel a bit much – even more so in today’s digital world where your customers (and you) are hooked up online 24/7.


Marketing especially, because of the nature of social media and the internet, can feel a bit much at times. And unless you’re an Influencer, I’m pretty sure you didn’t start a business up because you wanted to spend all day thinking up digital content and social media posts.

But it has to be done. It’s essential, VITAL, that your business has fresh, interesting, online visibility.

So what do you do, when you don’t have time to do it (or the expertise – but that’s another matter!)?

Your options are:

  1. Try and squeeze it all in your working day and hope you find a couple of minutes to whack something up on Facebook so you can tick a box.
  2. Wait until after the school run, done dinner, put the kids to bed. But we’re not ticking any life satisfaction boxes there now are we?
  3. Give it to someone else in the business who has more time. But don’t assume that because they’re closer to having sat a GCSE than you,  they’re any good at it. Or spelling. Or handling customer complaints.
  4. Recruit a member of staff to do it. Great option if you have the budget, otherwise – pricey.

Or the fifth option, and our favourite (obviously) – outsource it.

Find someone who does it day in day out, knows the latest tips and tricks, can apply solid marketing professional experience, will use tried and tested methods to grow your follower base, increase interactions and basically make you look darn good.

Time Management. It’s what we do.


We can give you HOURS back in your day or week so you can get on with the core business of being good at what you do, giving customers and staff what they want and need. You’ll be able to manage your time better and it’ll be like a weight has been lifted of fyour shoulders. Your social media presence and digital marketing will solidly carry on no matter what life throws at you, bringing greater visibility and stability to your brand.

The time management study we talked about above is linked here for you to read (if you have the time of course) and if you need more time in your day and someone to take the burden of our always on digital culture off your hands – get in touch.

It’s cost-effective, tailored to your business and if time is money, it will both save and make you loads!



Got a project in mind? Contact us today and see if we can help!