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The High Street is dead. Or so I heard the other day…⁠

This was said by a marketing professional and I had a visceral reaction to her comment.⁠

I couldn’t disagree more.⁠

Just before, during, and following lockdown, I have seen not just one or two, but a small handful of other new businesses open up on Botley High Street, and another in Hedge End in the last 6 or 7 months alone.⁠

These are owned by capable business men and women who have spotted an opportunity, got their branding right, got their messages out there and are getting on with it.⁠ And customers are responding well, with queues outside several of them on a regular basis,

They are embracing what we call ‘new retail’ – enjoyable shopping experiences that are worth leaving the house for. They’re not just selling ‘stuff’, these businesses will make you feel good.⁠ It’s a pleasure to browse, to experience and to enjoy. They’re the sort of businesses you tell your friends about, or don’t minding ‘checking in’ at online, or sharing a photo on social media.

Yes of course the high street is going to look different, it looks different today than it did in the 50s and 60s, what doesn’t change is that if you want to stay in business you have to be agile, and keep giving customers what they want. ⁠

And right now, more than, they want to be made to feel good.⁠

So no, the High Street is not dead. Old fashioned, boring, stale retail perhaps, but innovative and businesses with passion will always be in style.⁠

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