What is Facebook’s Graph Search?

It’s a struggle to keep up with all of Facebook’s huge updates, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, things always seem to be changing. The introduction of a new search feature has got a lot of people very excited, and you’ll soon be able to see for yourself as Facebook’s “Graph Search” is slowly introduced in its Beta testing stage.

Graph Search is a very different way from Facebook’s existing search function, which uses the typical keyword search. With Graph Search, you will be able to search in natural phrases, such as “which of my friends like to ski?” or “who likes Italian food and works at my company?” The results, depending on privacy settings, will index the interests, activity and “likes” of your Facebook friends, so that making decisions about which films to see, or restaurants to eat at, can now be a more informed and social experience.

As you can imagine, this has researchers excited, with the ability to make searches like “which TV shows are most liked by policeman”, but it also has marketers and owners of small businesses wondering how it will benefit them, if at all. If you have a business or place page on Facebook, it’s time to soup up your profile information. Everything from your “About” section, your Mission Statement, your list of available products and your location and opening hours need to be up to date, so that even the most specific search phrases will display your page.

If you have several franchises, a good suggestion would be to create pages in each location, guaranteeing you more page hits from local visitors searching for reviews and information. It’s time to start thinking local!

Another benefit of Graph Search to the owner of a business page is the ability to analyse your existing fan base. For instance, if you’re think of creating a campaign to target women between 20 and 30 years old, try a search to find out how many customers you have in this category before deciding which course to take. You can also learn which demographics make up your smallest audience, and begin to brainstorm ways in which to grow in these areas.

To join the waiting list for Facebook’s Graph Search, visit this website: https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch and just wait for your turn to roll around!

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