WEDucation: Some DOs and DON’Ts of Email Marketing.

The overwhelming chances are that if you have an internet connection, you’re using email, with 98% of online adults actively using an email account. This means email is one of the most effective ways of communicating with your customers, but what should you know before you put together an email marketing campaign?

DO only send your campaigns to “opted in” subscribers, aka. customers who  have provided you with their email address. It might seem like a good idea to buy in email addresses, but you may find yourself in trouble (or at the very least, straight in the “trash” folder!)

DON’T forget mobile users. Smartphones are becoming more and more common, and smartphone users are more likely use their device for reading emails than they are for making calls! Make sure the text in your email is big enough to be read on a small screen, and that any buttons are big enough to be used by fat fingers on a touchscreen!

DO send your campaigns at a time when most people will be in the office, either in the morning or at lunchtime. A message will lose any urgency if it’s delivered in the evening and not read until the next working day.

DON’T use too many images. Graphics make an email look great, but many people’s email readers block photos, so make sure to put as much of your information in text form as possible, so that your  message is not completely lost if images cannot be loaded.

DO add an option of viewing online, so that anyone struggling to view the email in the way you intended it to be seen can view it in a web browser in its full glory!

DON’T leave the most important calls to action at the bottom of the email, keep the main message(s) above the fold (so that you can see it without needing to scroll at all, if possible).

Lastly… DO use any opportunity to gather data from your customers or potential leads. Collect emails and other contact details at any events, or during any competitions, so that you can grow your database and keep everyone in the loop!

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